I just needed to rant a little bit..|| PuffPuffGyal

I just needed to rant a little bit..|| PuffPuffGyal



Published on November 01, 2019

Hey yall, i was taking out my twist when i started to think in my head about some things, and i decided to talk to yall about my thoughts in my head. I hope yall dont mind me ranting lol i just had to get some things off my chest. I hope yall have a bless day!! I love yall alsoooo thank you to every

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cmntImg 8 months ago
honestly for real, relatable girl, thanks for sharing new subbie here hope we can support each other!
CJSMOKING 8 months ago
like deja vu. I have no close cousins hell any friends. I'm here for you hun <3
dopedev420 8 months ago
hey girl! Great video, we love a good rant!
robothecat1 8 months ago
Haha girl same situation. It’s been a year and a half since I talked to my family ish (dad). Aweful that no one has called me like wtf do you care..... clearly not. Cuz you would call? My phone hasn’t rang in almost two years....... keep your head up hun
SweetmaryJae 8 months ago
i watched this and its like you took almost every word out my mouth. my family, friends ,where i am in life. i have no contacts in my phone, influencers are pretty much my "up to date". i am greatful for my boyfriend, he is my best friend. and then theres mary jane
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