Huge THC Crystals


Published on June 14, 2019

I went to House of Dankness and got somefull spectrum extract by GreenDot Labs. The THC crystals are huge and got me super high.

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dougal 1 month ago
good to see you .and do what you want its cool. peace
killrizing 1 month ago
Glad to see you have a video. I would say when ever you get a chance to upload a video do so. Don't rush yourself, just have one at least sometime during the week.
420gamer 1 month ago
Those diamonds look so tasty :)
AardVark 1 month ago
Sativas are where its at for sure. I just finished a 9lb hammer and sssdh run. I have a super silver sour diesel haze sativa pheno that is insane! I am running my 9lb hammer male against my keeper sssdh female.
bigj420az 1 month ago
What’s up R3DBAND!!!

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