Published on May 14, 2019

Do you have a loved one who isn’t happy about you smoking weed? Well we have 5 tips that we think could help youchange their mind about you getting high. This may not work for everyone, but we definitely encourage you to give it a try!

Thank you guys again for checking out this video, w

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duhchronic 1 week ago
Thanks for the tips!
cheechsimpson 1 week ago
nice vid keep em coming
M1RT9N 3 days ago
for some people where I am from it dosent matter about the research and what you smoke for. they see it as a bad thing because in England weed is illegal sadly. I personally didn't tell anyone that I smoked weed until I was 18. there wasn't really any research done then just loads of documentaries condemning weed rather than condoning it. but I only told my mum after I found out that she had tried it when she was younger which means we could kind of relate. my mum only tried it the once and it didn't agree with her where as I still smoke. not as often anymore as I used to as when I'm stoned I don't have all my bearings so I tend not to pay attention to my surroundings and just go where ever the high takes me. so I tend to smoke these days just before I go to bed which in turn helps me to sleep.

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