How to Talk to Budtenders


Published on May 20, 2019

communicating your needs andgetting the products you need is extremely difficult when you’re strarting in my experience. I was really lost my first handfuls of times going to a dispensary finding what I needed as a medical patient so with the help of FGT Hood River I role played a dispensary s

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kingindica 4 weeks ago
Budtenders are awesome! Can’t wait till I turn 21 so I can be one lol
puffpuffgyal 4 weeks ago
This is so interesting to watch! Times are really changing
neonspirits 4 weeks ago
kinda... spicy
davidsdankiestdoobs 4 weeks ago
Always tip youre bud tender
davidsdankiestdoobs 4 weeks ago
damn i need a tripod stand like yours

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