How to spot a male plant. Help us name a new strain in the comments!!!!

How to spot a male plant. Help us name a new strain in the comments!!!!



Published on May 16, 2020

Welcome everyone to this weeks video. We hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. This is our cannabis grow documentary Grow420TV. We have several grow tents, Grow cabinets, and grow closets. All of our plants are for personal medical use, nothing is for sale. You will get to see us grow our canna

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ZoltrixGrower 2 months ago
Great video man! Plants look really good too, nice and frosty! Have a great one!
milkcartonkid 2 months ago
I would name it melinoe cookies since its the daughter of persephone
yugiohrex 2 months ago
how about angel
BadGranny 2 months ago
Looking BEAUTIFUL brother"Percookanieses" for your cross !! your Laughing Buddha is soooo frosty brother great job!!! much love always to you and the ohana!!
GramJam 2 months ago
Great video as always, those are some beautiful plants for sure. I wish there was SmellTube. Wait... no I don't. People would just wreck it with spam and adv's. Although..., sex adds and porn could be much more entertaining. Netflix movies with smells would be an amazing immersion experience... hrmmm. lol. Sorry, random high thought. haha Hows about "Cookies by Persephone", "Persephones' Special Cookies", or "Whackadoobie JimBob" - only cause it's fun to say :)
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