How To Roll a CBD 1:1 Hemp Blunt


Published on May 09, 2019

ZBD learnshow to roll a hemp blunt! Shoutout to High Hemp for the CBD infused vegan wraps!!

Grab your supplies to follow along, or just load a bowl and laugh along (if you're legal!) <3

xoxo Q + ZBD !

Stay Medicated!

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davidsdankiestdoobs 2 months ago
Commenting for clout purposes (:D)
cannasseurq 2 months ago
This was so much fun to film//roll//smoke!! I hope y'all enjoy as much as we did! <3
hizbd 2 months ago
Need more blunts :D
mommabearzbd 2 months ago
mloflo 2 months ago
Lovin' your vids, keep it up ladies.

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