How To Roll A BACKWOODS (tutorial) + 300mg HIGH CHEW EDIBLES (review)


Published on January 03, 2019
Learn how to Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa reaction // Learn how to Roll a backwoods cigar tutorial while reviewing 300mg of the High Chew Edibles "Sweet n Sour" / "Sour Patch Kids" Review // I am very excited to share this with you guys as I worked very hard producing it. Be sure to drop a (Like, Comment & Subs
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banddkid 5 months ago
Hi guys, thanks for watching this video! We are almost monetized as well so thanks again for subscribing to my channel and liking my videos #DabGang ??
bezvez 5 months ago
I love your videos man; you're my favorite weedtuber!!!!
pizzaqueen 5 months ago
You make it look so easy. ???
elysiaaa 4 months ago
Lovein' the steamy blanket <3

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