HOW TO PREVENT AND DEAL WITH BUD ROT!!! (Exclusive Daily WeedTube Upload)

HOW TO PREVENT AND DEAL WITH BUD ROT!!! (Exclusive Daily WeedTube Upload)



Published on September 22, 2019

This is a video response to a question I received on Instagram about how to handle Bud rot. In order to talk about this topic we need to first address what causes Bud rot and how to prevent it... Good luck with your bud rot, I hope this video helps you tremendously! If you have grow questions feel f

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Grassy_Gnoll 9 months ago
Had to deal with high humidity a lot in Alabama. My advice is to get a bigger exhaust fan than needed, and a fan speed controller. If the humidity gets out of control, turn the exhaust up, and check back in an hour. That's the poor man's way, anyway.
stonedalone 9 months ago
Hell yes this is such good info!!!
thegrowtentguys 9 months ago
Thanks for the share brother. I just had to throw out all 3 of my outdoor plants due to Botrytis. even if there were some buds without the rot, I wouldn't want to provide my patients any spores. Hey, we need to get you upgraded to LEDs my friend. Come check out our sponsor at advancedgrowlights . com !!
Crazyosmus1 9 months ago
nive.. it would be cool to see her grow for sure
Cannerbernerd 9 months ago
I’ve heard that smoking mold increases immune system activity, in a bad way. It prevents your immune system from fighting illness.
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