How to Microgrow Ep.1 - THE BUDGET - Yung Billionaire Series

How to Microgrow Ep.1 - THE BUDGET - Yung Billionaire Series



Published on February 17, 2020

Our friend yung billionaire is about to start his first grow ever and asked for a do and dont list of grow help for beginners. I'm going to try and make a whole series from seed to harvest for Yung Billionaire, and anyone else in his shoe's looking to grow.

First step is the BUDGET. Let&#

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Forester 5 months ago
Love the video gromie. Nice set up too I wish I only spent under $500 LOL. Check out my videos you see what I mean
JayGrows 5 months ago
Looks good man. How tall is your tent? It looks so tall in your video. Sweet setup, I like the racking.
LordRandall420 4 months ago
Yo @CoachXXL, love this series so far! Heres my go for my list of picks at you for tips! I live in Oklahoma, I would love to make Rosin in the endgame for myself As I would invest into a press later down the rode aswell..But I am looking to grow in a spacebucket/tote as a noob which seems quite friendly. Just bought some seeds off of Seedsman Here is my budget and other questions I will PM outside of this. Budget - $500