How to Make Oreo Balls


Published on May 15, 2019

Hey guys welcome back into my kitchen! Today I show you a very special treat that I make for the people around me and it is my Oreo balls! Hope you enjoy and as always please like share and comment and subscribe and make sure to follow all my social media’s here

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hazyp 2 months ago
Lol I love your balls
sofiajaneen 1 month ago
Life’s been so crazy and I’m late to this video but I’m so excited to watch it lmaoooo
floryamor420 2 months ago
Smoking Game: smoke a bowl every time you say Balls
mamat27 2 months ago
OMG KITTY!!!!!! Also. I love your balls!
tokiedokie420 2 months ago
got hardcore munchies watching this!! loved it! gonna try it with gluten free oreos!!

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