Published on September 22, 2018
Today I wanted to show you guys how to make a cannagar using the purple rose supply kit! I am using the small size (which uses 3.5 grams) This is actually a really cool device that worked perfectly! ? I had fun during the process and hope you enjoy this video (:
Buy your own here: https://purpleroses
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Category : Vlog Life


the-stoned 10 months ago
sweet content. subbed you , keep the videos coming stay stoney :)
youthstoner 9 months ago
Awesome! Thank you your support! Subbed you too- the stoned wanderer And I find that it tends to smoke around an hour give or take 10 mins every time! The bigger version I can see lasting for over 2 hours easily! -sara
isabella 10 months ago
sativasara 9 months ago
my type of blunt! does it smoke longer the longer you store it?
tobecontinued 9 months ago
I honestly want one of these now!!

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