How To Make A Bong With House Hold Items!


Published on May 19, 2019
I DO NOT RECCOMEND THE USE OF FOIL! I reccomend using a glass cone piece or even a make shift cone piece from a can of soft drink!

This was 100% how my dumb ass used to make bongs (with foil) as an underage teenage smoker. Now I know better, but we all sometimes just "do what we gotta do"!

Don't forg
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KnightMareOfficial 4 weeks ago
haven't had one of them typa bongs since I was fuckin like 13 man
Stoner.Sam 4 weeks ago
Awesome video! The MacGyver of bongs!
noor.almin 3 weeks ago
we make the cone piece out of a can
muchcrawford 4 weeks ago
I used to do that untill I invested in a cp aha

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