How to Increase Harvests Per Year... But Mainly An Autoflower Update

How to Increase Harvests Per Year... But Mainly An Autoflower Update



Published on January 19, 2020

Autoflowers are getting popular. I explain how I increase my harvests every year growing them. Also ... showing the current status of my new autoflower grow set up with the Spider Farmer led grow light.

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chrisyj 5 months ago
Mr.Godbudz 5 months ago
hey Canuck. I'm a medical patient in Illinois where it's finally legal for us to grow 5 plants. I've been sifting through your videos on your channel on YouTube. I've decided to grow in your style of mo Koko with Gaia green dry amendment of 444 and power bloom. is there any other nutrients I will need? I bought the meihzi 1200 and I have 3 critical purple autos and 3 Hindu Kush autos from growers choice seeds. being in Chicagoland has been challenging. they don't sell anything you use at a store here so I have to wait for it to be delivered via Amazon. I also purchased a co2 regulator injection system. need more information on this co2 such as ppm and when it's actually beneficial to start using it. I'm also curious on the tea you brew to feed your plants. I thoroughly enjoy watching you do your thing in the garden. I love growing myself.
ArendRichard 5 months ago
I desperately need your help lmao
mrsolo 5 months ago
2nd plant both had around an o and i had an 8th grow in a red solo cup
JoeKnowsGrowsLLC 5 months ago
good shit Matt!
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