How to get more high when smoking

How to get more high when smoking



Published on September 02, 2020

One trick involving mangos and one trick involving the way you inhale will greatly improve your smoking experience. What's up Wehigh fam, in today's videos we go into detail on how to go about trying to get more high. I have included the timestamps for your convenience!

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provisional-stoner 2 weeks ago
Riiiigjt holding it in to cut the oxygen from your brain just gets you wack high feeling haha
Infalung78 2 weeks ago
eating a mango before or after smoking makes no difference been there tried it holding your head in I've been doing that for 47 plus years I hold it in until there's no smoke I used to swim competitively it does get you a little higher but nothing to choke about thanks for the tips anyways. ✌
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