Published on December 30, 2018
Here's a quick little tutorial on how to take a dab - so you do not hurt yourself or waste your wax.

1. Torch till the banger is red
2. wait 60-90 seconds depending on banger thickness
3. enjoy your dab

Hope this helped!
Cheers guys
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ArendRichard 5 months ago
Informative and hilarious. 10/10
burningmom 5 months ago
dabberchick-710 5 months ago
Please dont get your nail red hot lol, if its new or in good shape it could take forever to heat red hot. I'd say heat for 30-60 seconds depending inthe size of your nail a d start off waiting about a minute before you dab and adjust your time accordingly.
babydeartina 5 months ago
cough in a cup
stoneradam 5 months ago
Try to do a Australia accent

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