How To Cut Your Car Key For WAY Cheaper - Transponder/Programmable Keys

How To Cut Your Car Key For WAY Cheaper - Transponder/Programmable Keys



Published on September 17, 2019

Dont you call that dealership! Today I show you guys how to copy your vehicle transponder key for a lot less.

Transponder Keys on

Transponder keys on

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yeahimstoned 1 year ago
Nice video
GrowDrigo 1 year ago
Lex your dope as fuck bro
FauxPasArt 1 year ago
Been following on YT since we got legal in Oklahoma with some great results thanks to you. Happy to see a familiar face while I try to figure out how to use this thing. Great vid Lex
ZoeTheHipster 1 year ago
I used to work in a car dealership and just the “programing” was 130$ thats without the cost of the key which was 30-60$ old school keys. New keys cost from 150-300$ or maybe more without the programing.
antholaro6 1 year ago
Recently had to go thru the hassle of obtaining a second transponder key for a used Ford car which only came with 1 key. I was well aware of what the Ford dealerships charge for these keys. So I called a few Locksmith Key Stores within a 6-mile radius and they were all coming in at $90 to $100 dollars. Recently a new Home Depot had opened up in the area which had the machine that could cut and program transponder keys if you had a transponder key that worked for the car needing a second key. The cost came in at $69.99 ... not as good a price as the one you were charged but still a hell of a lot better than dealer prices.
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