How to Clean your Vitae Bong! (tutorial)

How to Clean your Vitae Bong! (tutorial)



Published on October 03, 2020

Welcome back everyone, it's finally part two of my Vitae collection video and this one is the cleaning portion. Vitae is such a ease to clean out and I wanted to show that and my cleaning method. I really hope you enjoy todays video and get some tips from it. Be sure to like and subscribe! Share

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stonedalone 1 week ago
I love vitae!!
budbart 3 weeks ago
One of your very best, Blazed. You really pout a lot of work into it both recording and then in post-production with your written comments. Particularly impressed with the bent Q-Tip trick. You're a real pro. That Vitae, while I understand and can see how awesome it is, especially for cleaning , I fear is just a bit too rich for me. Thanks for mentioning the strains. You did pronounce Oahu correctly. It's also exactly the same as one of the Hawaiian Islands. Very appropriate since I'm vaping Hawaiian Haze (that you recommended from Tweedle Farms). Great CBD, mild and legal without a medical card. WS scared you were going to bang the glass on the spigot and shatter the piece! But you didn't. You're a pro. Excellent camera work. Very clear and easy to see all the steps. Really great production. Stayed with you to the end "Clean." Really came out great. Yes, please show other ways to clean others. Not all of us can afford Vitae, though you make the case for why it's best. Awesome! Peace.
dopedev420 3 weeks ago
great upload as always :p
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