How Should you smoke Cannabis?? (All Methods)

How Should you smoke Cannabis?? (All Methods)



Published on June 23, 2020

Hello everyone todays video is a simple topic I feel everyone ask, How should I smoke today?I cover all the ways I've tried and give my personal opinion on each method and which are my favorites. Leave a comment below and let me know what you use daily and you opinion on eachand if you enjoyed l

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dopedev420 1 month ago
Great upload!!!
HayHayBoothang20 1 month ago
I love bongs (I've got a shelf of bongs), but I prefer blunts if I'm blazing with 2-3 friends
budbart 1 month ago
Smoke. Watched it all. Thought it was great. Learned a lot. Have never seen a "gravity bong" or a "pincher." Get that they're not your favorite and why,m but would be interested to see them. Maybe you could do a show and tell without actually using. My preferred method is vaping. Have found it really stretches the weed a lot farther than a joint. Thought the joints burned fast and I missed a lot. Vaporizer can adjust temperature you you get different effezcts at different temperatures. Also, doesn't burn as fast so you can start off with a lower temperature and then go back at a higher temperature and get really different feelings over a much longer period of time. Have found that a lot depends on the strain, temperature and a lot of other thing s. Don't cough nearly as much with the vape. Different people are affected differently so one size does not fit all. Great stuff you had in this session. Covid is bumming us all. Thanks for a great session. Great video. Peace, friend.
Vitae 1 month ago
Bongs the way to go !! Congrats on 420 followers !
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