HOW MANY BOWLS IN 60 SEC?! (Weed Challenge!!)


Published on June 10, 2019

Short lil video I was too impatient to upload. Definitely think I can do better in the future. (Btw figuring out how to add the timer to the video was very difficult so I hope you like it lmao)

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Category : Comedy


dtbrooks 2 weeks ago
iconic you were WAY more prepared for this than i was hahah you killed it
gjanis 2 weeks ago
That oooh after the first hit lmao.... you seem so much more confident Kevey! Love when you upload longer storytimes lol those are what I like to listen to when I sesh haha. Anyways great video! Stay lit
kevey 2 weeks ago
Also sad that I didn't make this video 3 sec longer to make it 4:20 :(

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