How many Bong rips in 4:20!

How many Bong rips in 4:20!



Published on March 09, 2020

Good Afternoon buds, today were seeing how many tokes I can do in just 4 minutes and 20 seconds, for the irony of it. I'll make a second version of this and change it up if you all had fun watching so dont forget to like this video and comment below. Subscribe so you dont miss any future videos

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thelunarhippie 6 months ago
Cheers! Seshing along- peace to ya
budbart 6 months ago
"4520 below." Ha. So... wondering what happened to you AFTER you finished the video? Did you just nod off for the night? Did the effects continue to increase and accelerate? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of smoking leisurely if you hit it all at one time? Does it do what taking twelve shots of alcohol would do to you -- namely make you pass out oi "overdose." Yeah, sometimes it's fun not to work, but just have fun. Really liked your lake video, too, where you said not one word but said everything with your eyes, face and body language. I know: lots of questions but maybe you could use some of them sometime in a Q&A, especially for the newbies like me. Thanks for your work. Hope you enjoyed the after-effects, too. Hope you weren't blazed and dazed for days and days. Ha. Peace.
ivyjustine 5 months ago
Love the NC shirt
HayHayBoothang20 6 months ago
Seshing along as always. And hey, you make the content you wanna. Don't change everything around everyone else. You do you and stay stoney ✌️ (I love chill videos, and longer ramble videos just sayin)
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