How I Monstercrop / Mars Hydro SP 250

How I Monstercrop / Mars Hydro SP 250



Published on June 09, 2020

In this video I do a how to on my methods for Monstercropping and Cloning, as well as compare whether root gels are needed when rooting cuttings.

Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Stay tuned for new grow room updates and product reviews. Lot's of content to come on this brand new c

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SKEastCoast 3 months ago
I didn't it would make roots without hormone gel or powder. I thought it wouldn't work without it. Good to know. Thanks. The biggest benefit from the gel or aloe gel is that it covers the wounds like a bandaid. Did you know that Chikamasa used to be a Japanese sword making company? Now, they make scissors. I really like your idea of using an air pump in the tray with extra water. All I need is a pump. Genius. The biggest reason why some of my clones die is because they drown before they make roots and fall over and rot. The airpump would fix that. Those roots were huge on the plug. Great video.
RiceCrispie 3 months ago
Interesting video! Did you cut the rooted plants out of the seedling cups? I would think that just pulling them out would damage the roots. I will monstercrop one day, after I'm not a beginner, anymore.
Wabbit 3 months ago
good to see the science on how cloning works fully, with or with out gel/powder, many of the plants i grew up with can reproduce from simply putting in water, taro, ti leaf, many of the hawaiian flowers period, i grew up using gel and powders as a way to simply help the process(speed it up, doesnt always work that way though) but like any other plant cannabis is very resilient and it wants to grow, makes it easy for us if you simply let it do its thing, hahahahaha your plants look good buddy and you got enough to fill in your grow room, start clones before you transition the plants into your flower room, you will have a perpetual cycle by the time they are done as your clones you take will be able to simply go into your flower room then, you got enough tents and lights for it, make it happen man, hahahahah stay safe and happy growing
ZoltrixGrower 3 months ago
Great video Jay! I had not seen this method before and I like the idea much more than using a bubble cloner. Thanks for sharing, I always appreciate learning something new. Happy growing!
dopedev420 3 months ago
Great upload!!
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