How I got into medical marijuana


Published on April 01, 2019
I was at the place my medical marijuana journey began last year and decided to have a little nature sesh and tell y’all about how I got into alternative healing. Checkout for more medical informationMusic credit: Lakey Inspired
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stonedalone 3 months ago
love that it's 7:10 minutes, and thanks for sharing your story I had no idea how much of a role cannabis played in your life
kingindica 3 months ago
I’m glad medical cannabis has helped you gain your lfie back. I hate the stigma surrounding cannabis and stoners. We can have goals and ambition if we choose to! As more states legalize, people will inevitably see how you can be a productive, contributing member of society. I know that lazy stoners exist, but it’s time to pot the spotlight on the stoners that are actually doing things with their lives. And like you said, it’s a personal issue if all a person wants to do is smoke and not accomplish anything. I started to be that way my sophomore/junior year of high school. Luckily that was just a phase in my life. In fact a lot of the kids I know that were “burnouts” in high school are some of the most productive people now that they’re not in high school anymore. I was able to recover due to my young age and because I didn’t have any actual responsibilities besides going to school.
oregonexperts 3 months ago
Yes queeeeen! Mother ganja needs you to be healthy!!! <3 <3 <3
cannasseurq 3 months ago
You're an inspiration, belly buddy. Freaking slaying the game. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
mommabirdzbd 3 months ago
You are an inspiration. So proud of you ?

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