How cannabis helps me


Published on April 23, 2019
High guys!!!!

I know I already kind of made a similar video, but Inthis one I go a little deeper into my life to try and explain just how much cannabis really helps me in my everyday life!

i am so awkward with words and I always feel like I say the wrong thing and never really make my poin
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Silbaugh4liberty 1 month ago
I had to click on this video and view it since you were at 666 views! Needed to change it to 667!
mommavapes420 2 months ago
thanks for sharing your story....its so hard to find a good therapist that you can really talk to ...... Big
bigpizzapie 2 months ago
awesome video
kittygato07 2 months ago
I use for the exact same reasons you do :-) Great video btw
kushycassie 2 months ago
My thumbnail didn’t work !!!! Lmao that is not the picture I chose .. just wanted to throw that out there !!! Haha

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