Hotboxing My Totaled Car

Hotboxing My Totaled Car



Published on April 29, 2020

Hi, I'm Andi! I'm a medical marijuana patient a budtender and a dog mom!


In today's video I hotbox my totaled vehicle with a fat Juicy Jay hemp wrap. I also explain why my car was totaled and why it's still sitting in my driveway. Also, all the mistakes I made leading to my t

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RiceCrispie 2 months ago
I am sorry. That's brutal. You are obviously not an idiot, because you immediately learned from the incident! If there was a mistake, it was not the insurance, it was the unsafe combination of faulty equipment (brakes, for fuck's sake!), following too closely, and driving too fast for conditions. I've done worse.
Trevillain 2 months ago
I’m glad you’re safe and able to make this video!
BadGranny 2 months ago
I'm so sorry Andi, glad you didn't get hurt, h0pe no one else got hurt either. hard lessons in life, glad you see where you could improve, and know you know √ Doing good sister. sending you and your ohana big love from your big island fan!
amandasparket 1 month ago
looking like an angel in this lighting
frogzilla420 2 months ago
You have a good head on you !!SHIT happens that's part of life. We all have made silly mistakes. Keep your head up and keep chugging.Thanks for Sharing ✌
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