Hotboxing My Closet With 3 Joints + Never Have I Ever


Published on August 15, 2018
Secrets are coming out with this Never Have I Ever game, haha.
These joints are stuffed with Flower from A to B Gardens, then covered in wax and dipped in Isolate from Dip n Dabs

Let me know if you played the game along with me! Thanks for watching

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420wheelz 9 months ago
Great video!!!!
babydeartina 9 months ago
Never have I ever done a hot box lol
samidb 9 months ago
Just recently a friend, my boyfriend, and I made a big blanket bubble hotbox? We basically put a king size fitted bed sheet over us with a blanket on top of that tucked all the ends under us and smoked the bong ? It got hot as hell and super Smokey but we were lit af
choumingo 9 months ago
Hey, I really love your content but i dont understand y u dont post more. I understand if your busy but one video a month just seems depressing
meowy0shelbs 9 months ago
Lol your internet provider is my employer!