Hotbox with me!


Published on April 30, 2019
Hi guys! This is my first upload to the weedtube so I thought for my first video I’d just do a hotbox sesh and talk! Please leave a like and subscribe and a comment! I’d love to make more videos like this and other things in the future!
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redox57 3 weeks ago
I love your hair color and I just wanted to tell you that your video came out really good and that I enjoy watching you and my favorite piece to use is actually bong too because I feel like it's a lot smoother than like blunts or pipes you know...
paulsmokes 3 weeks ago
Enjoyed your video, keep it up! Cheers from Germany!
mommavapes420 2 weeks ago
you did great in this video...keep it up, I still can't get started recording lol
mommavapes420 2 weeks ago
oh my gosh I want a Jeffree Star Grinder ...i want a pink one hahahahaha
mommavapes420 2 weeks ago
Lol I mostly use a hitter....I don't get a lot of weed all the time so just use a ceramic hitter looks like a cigarette