Published on March 17, 2019
Mac snd Joya and I test out waterproof mascaras while hotboxing my car with @NUG joints and dabs - and it was a messy, hilarious mess. Check it out XD Joya is on Instagram: @TheJoyaRide ;) NUG is Available throughout California at licensed retail locations, find shops near you at
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jess 4 months ago
Haha I was waiting for someone to point out Mac.. I was watching and I was so distracted by her not talking... like does anyone else realize this shit or am I just high af lollll
moongirl1125 4 months ago
Now that's some sloppy sex lol ;)
potato 3 months ago
dude, the regular better than sex looks so good but the water proof is clumpy as hell
smilehigh 4 months ago
We have a type of acid in our saliva that helps breaks down food. I dont think we carry those same chemicals in our tears so most likely that's why when she whipped it with her spit it smeared if she would have just used water or her actual tears it might have worked differently I just wanted to mention
majesticdabqueen 4 months ago
I love you guys and all your content!! you never fail to entertain don’t ever change for anyone but yourselves if you wanna wear regular non waterproof mascara then you rock that shit with pride the dramatics of the running mascara just show us viewers how hard you’re really willing to go in ?????? glad I drove 4 hours to your Detroit event even if I didn’t get to stay long enough to meet you in person it was still a good time

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