Published on March 19, 2019
HEYYYY GUYS!!! I'm stoked to finally give you guys my list of fav rapping ladies. I hope you guys found somebody you didn't know of before this video. maaaad love to all my girls out there getting to the $$$$. CALL REHAB BITCHEZZZZZZ also honorary mentions: Bri StevesS3nsi MollyYoshi VintageFarrah F
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ryan 1 month ago
Great rappers!!
medusapetrichor 3 months ago
little simz can spit like nobody, venom by her is siiick, was curious to see if you liked her too haha. awesome. sampa the great i also love, she seems like the coolest person ever
bluntlynicole 3 months ago
I love you! This was fucking great, I am so stoked on new music! fucking stoked on Rico Nasty, she's a whole mood
diydea 2 months ago
Bitch I’m nasty!!! I love this video! I dance the same exact way in my car lol
wisp 3 months ago
great video Joya. i am a big music nerd so i'm always happy to get some good recommendations. I love that you're into Rico Nasty and Little Simz because they're two of my favourite female rappers, Cupcakke is also hilarious i love her.. also a big fan of Doja Cat, her shit is lit but its little more pop rap. I'm sure you've heard Tia Tamera (feat Rico Nasty) by Doja Cat, that song go hard af.

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