Hot Boxing and Stoner Questions with Mi Familia


Category : Comedy
Published on November 10, 2018

Hey what's up y'all?!

I invited my partner and my sister into the Impala to help me answer some Stoner Questions! Had a great time filming this with them, looks dope, and got pretty f*kn smoky!

Drop a comment below and let me know if you answered any of the same questions I did lol I'd love to...

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raynebeauvaper 5 months ago
Funny stuff! Keep up the good work!
findyourpeace34 5 months ago
I loved everything about this ??? best one yet!!!
northwalessmoker 5 months ago
I loved the car.. such a good place to hotbox! London is a wicked place, totally happy to give you advice on place to see, places to eat etc ???
camdogpg 5 months ago
Oh my god! This was so great. You guys rock, and are doing such a great job!
ironlunglady 5 months ago
Beautiful car!

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