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Published on December 02, 2018

This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Harvesting the 5x5 indoor grow tent and discussing the pros and cons to wet and dry trimming Cannabis and talk about the ideal dry environment. I also go over harvest results of the small autoflower closet grow and weigh up the dry flowers.

This channel and its c...

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stonedalone 3 months ago
Really love how quality your content is, I'm learning a lot more about the growing process and it's fun to see!
finn83 4 months ago
Awesome !
thepodcave 3 months ago
Matt I didn’t realize that you had a channel here to, I subscribed as soon as I seen you.
travypearce 3 months ago
Enjoyed the video !
bowman110 4 months ago
Love your videos man. I’ve watched you on YouTube for a good minute now. Your lucky ass living it up in Canada lol! Hey man I got a question for you, any recommendations on a good grow light for around $300, I seen the four ones you put on your videos on YouTube the mars hydro and meizhi light, just curious of any others you might have learned of. LED hunting can be a head ache! I bought a mars hydro 2 700 a while ago and I like what I got out of it but kinda on the fence on what mars has now. In the next year I can go for the electric sky’s, the seem nice and not too pricey either. Well man good luck on your grows and look forward to see your progress!

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