High in the Hatchback (Episode 1) | Silenced Hippie


Category : Vlog Life
Published on February 10, 2019

Starting a new series called "High in the Hatchback" :) This episode was recorded before I realized that I wanted to make this a series! I am STOKED to record more of these soon!!!! DISCLAIMER: keys are not in the ignition, I chilled for a while before going home, this is no different than a nature...

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silencedhippie 2 months ago
"for a 10 seconds" lol
moongirl1125 2 months ago
I'm smoking Industrial plant..And you know we LOVE this ;)
babydeartina 2 months ago
9lb hammer
michaelajo420 2 months ago
love this video! I want you to do more of these and it seemed like you had fun doing it. I'm smoking on a Blue Dream cartridge (:
bluntlynicole 2 months ago
I love this so much! so pretty and chill, now i need to get out and just hangout in my car somewhere lol

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