HIGH IN THE HATCHBACK EP. 4 ft. RooGetsLifted & SlowerFuture


briannak 2 months ago
I love this series! you’re literally an inspiration for me and your videos are really calming especially when I’m having a rough day. so keep being you! ♥️
professional 2 months ago
Good to see slower
mbrose 2 months ago
I just got the app!!!! it's like having you back on YouTube I might be crying
idyllic710 2 months ago
rachellllll, I love her! i started following her months ago and I've followed both you and slower for years so its safe to say this is one of my top fav sasha vids! thank youuuu
mommabelle 2 months ago
_,\|/,_ 5-4-3-2-1, B00M! _,\|/,_

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