HIGH DIY - Hair Dryer Art - Mandy Cannabis


Published on April 13, 2019
Welcome to DAY 2 of TWT countdown challenge! :] THANKS FOR WATCHING! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & COMMENT! :] Follow my Instagram for MORE MANDY!!! @mandycannabis
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highfromholland 2 weeks ago
brillant, I am going to try this with my daughter for mothers day. cheers highfromholland
south420 1 month ago
They turned out pretty good, great video as always! Keep killing it :)
cannasseurq 1 month ago
Omg I do that but like I drip the watercolor and then blow on it xD It's so freaking cute!!! Can I try and then tag you??
hizbd 1 month ago
This are highkey cute though I love them?? we need to have a paint night when you come visit!!??