Hempfest 2018 + Partying With TheWeedTube Crew


Published on August 28, 2018
The perfect day doesn't exist..... Unless you're at Hempfest partying with theweedtube crew! I just want to say how great it was getting to meet the people behind this site and hit it off so well. I sincerely hope all the best for this site and appreciate all of you here watching! I really hope you en
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stonedalone 8 months ago
ayyy it was dope af meeting you and Kitty Kates, wandering through the woods with backwoods and blumpkin juice looking for a spot was great XD
the-weedtube 8 months ago
Was a great time!
420wheelz 8 months ago
Literally your most entertaining upload yet!!!! I fucking love Arend, Mac, Tim, and Joya!!!!!
chighlikei 8 months ago
Finally a Matthias x Arend x Macdizzle x Joya x Tim collab video! Best thing ever!?
raymonday 8 months ago
Its amazing matthias that your are the only one that stay on The Weed Tub only. Macdizzle and Arend both have Videos on both platforms and i am not mad about that but Both of them screaming fuck you tube when they lost their channels and run back as soon as they are reinstated. Macdizzle is supposed to be a co creator of the weed tube and has more videos on youtube then on her own platform she started SMH Good on ya Matt

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