Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD

Hemp CBD vs. Cannabis CBD



Published on June 04, 2019

Hemp CBD vs. Medicinal Cannabis CBD - What is the difference? I answer this popular question in this video - and talk about the differences in Hemp & Cannabis! Watch to learn more about CBD & the Cannabis plant. Wantto learn something new about Cannabis? Comment what you are curious about be

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420mermaid 3 months ago
I love how you paused to take a toke! your voice is very informative but not boring, keep it up!
ryan 3 months ago
such a great video! thank you so much for all the info
drreamingizfree 3 months ago
Great content- very informative! Keep up the good work!
hizbd 3 months ago
Love this so much!! Another amazing video! I never know how to articulate that I prefer cannabis cbd for the full spectrum over hemp cbd. I’ve been recommending cannabis cbd only because of personal experience. Know I know why! I’m always learning from you
scottben 3 months ago
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