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Published on November 07, 2018

It's been an awesome past few weeks out in Denver, and I'm excited to get back to Cali for some different kind of content

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oregonexperts 5 months ago
Love your intro editing! Stay high ?
davonraymond 5 months ago
I’ve been considering moving to California but I hear from so many people say it’s expensive as fuck, being from ny I do enjoy the seasons but i still want to be coastal! Might just move to Mass and visit Cali when I can ???? Anyway enjoyed the video !
sorastone 5 months ago
I was waiting to hear aboutdrug experiences lol,
camdogpg 5 months ago
Hell yes! Inane is the best. I really like the podcast. The stream of consciousness type videos are super great, as well as the edited ones. Been loving the videos lately.

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