Harvest Time! | New Light!?!? | Last Harvest of 2020 Right Around the Corner!

Harvest Time! | New Light!?!? | Last Harvest of 2020 Right Around the Corner!



Published on December 15, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we look at the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme I harvested a couple weeks ago, I have a shiny new Christmas present to setup and we check out the garden. Stay tuned as we will be harvesting the first of the Afghan Kush very very soon, which will be the 8th

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ZoltrixGrower 1 month ago
Have a great week! Who else has an early Christmas gift for the garden?
-TheGrow420- 1 month ago
Nice time with ur harvest coming up bro, everything is on point, w2g Zoltrix! I'm looking sometime in l8 Jan early Feb to yell timber, cheers!
Wabbit 1 month ago
very nice light man, prob a little overpowered for your 2 by 4 but plants are gonna love it for sure, all of your plants are looking great happy to see you having remarkable results using gaia green, and i know you are probably enjoying the fact of it being alot easier and less time consuming on a normal basis, excited to see your next few runs under that light, jays been getting some excellent results with it, stay safe and happy growing
SKEastCoast 1 month ago
Great video. Mars seems to be selling lots of lights. My friend could really use one of those. Then he could get rid of his 4ft long old school flourescent lights. Garden looks great too. Very cool of you to share the green with friends.
Mr-Foxx1970 1 month ago
great video
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