Happy 4/20 Shopping Spree


Published on April 21, 2019
HAPPY 4/20 !!! Welcome Back!! I went shopping and got some great deals.

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Sandaloon56 3 months ago
Really excited about the new videos, man. I have been watching for at least 6 years and I am thrilled to see that you found a safer home at WeedTube! Happy 4/20!!
weedwizard 3 months ago
Nice video man!
marlo 3 months ago
so here u r....glad 2 c u...hitting some alien og...po
professional 3 months ago
Hey man glad to see you back, you were one of my first weed channels I subscribed to, Remo was first you were second, welcome back
stonersomething 3 months ago
R3dband is back, this is gonns be good.

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