Haircut in Week 5? | Day 32 Flower | Buds Stacking on Strong!

Haircut in Week 5? | Day 32 Flower | Buds Stacking on Strong!



Published on February 13, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for clicking!

Today I resumed, and upped the REMO nutrients as called for and we have a look at my girl!Thecomments from the last few videos have been coming in strong, I had to listen and I think I gave it a pretty good go this time. Be sure to let me know your thoughts d

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BadGranny 1 month ago
I'm so proud of you Zoltrix, its hard to do a good hair cut when your not sure, but honestly BeardB, is correct... don't be scared I usually only leave the top 4 Sun leaves and on the inside, you gotta just take them off, they are actually taking more the giving on the inside. but all in all she looks beautiful, keep up the great work.
Cali_GrowLife#7 1 month ago
Nice job I actually do this in our facility in Oakland . I was getting a lot of back lash form previous master grower / from consultants / from Las Vegas spartan consultant as well but bro still to this day I prune tuff before reaching my 3 week of flower try to remove anything not reaching my first layer of netting try and get the most light through the canopy /table for best lighting... keep it up it’s definitely not a bad idea I pull fat colas this way I will post a quick video to give you a look at my approach. Glad people are finding innovative ways to get the most out of their yields . I feel out outdoor growers have that tendency to want bush not bud
jimmyy420 1 month ago
@ZoltricGrower. Thanks so much for subbing to my channel..Just subbed back..cheers...stay medicated..alright,alright... JimmyY420..
NomadicNative 1 month ago
You did a pretty good job of it. I schwazze' on day 1 and day 18, so I have no need to defoliate later in flower. Before I found the schwazze' technique I would defoliate like BadGranny says, just leave the top 4 leaves that surround the bud & take off the rest. I'll be schwazzing the plants in flower tent #1 soon, watch for that video, you might find that you want to give it a try.
BeardB 1 month ago
Perfect! now I say dont touch any more and finish her out with high nutrients right now. you doing great and she will slow down and stop shouting up. buds will start to fill in from how on. by the way this is every growers best part. dont get in a rush. with your leds I would shoot for at least 10 weeks in flower. you won't regret it I promise. grow on brother. your there!
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