GROWING KUSH Season 1 Finale; Clone Cutting Tutorial,Transplanting, Germinating Seeds

GROWING KUSH Season 1 Finale; Clone Cutting Tutorial,Transplanting, Germinating Seeds



Published on November 01, 2020

So it seems as though I'm wrapping up my 1st season of Growing Kush & just finishing up trimming the last half of my staggered harvest. stay tuned to find out how much I harvested in total weight, and check out all the things I do to reset my grow tent and restart my residual harvest.

If yo

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dopedev420 2 months ago
@2:05 Love :D
Dripgoodies 2 months ago
Happy growing
bluhousegrow 2 months ago
great video slim for my clones I just figured out aloevera works I dip the stems in it and my cubes I dip into olivas clone solution but I'm a try to do them in soil haven't tried that also the plants look great keep up the good work happy growing hope u n ur fam are all safe with this craziness cheers
Carllos166 2 months ago
You’re very funny
Thud 2 months ago
Nice save SilkySlim416! Don't think those Mites are gone. I've not yet heard you mention the cure and the prevention, the only workable plan; NPK Mighty! NPK Mighty, Mite Control, Not Mighty "Wash" plant shiner. You need to spray your vegging plants 4 times 4 days between spraying. That is 16 days more Veg to ensure you are not re-infested with Mites at week 2 of flower. So, do yourself a favor and start topping those too long branches and grow a Medusa of new shorter branches. Say 21 days more veg, to invest in the next harvest. Else take new cuttings and start over. Way slower. You have the roots to reshape your plants. Maybe cut the longest branches in half, and maybe leave shortest lower branches alone. If your plants stretch as long as they already are, your tent will be too short, and your humidity very hard to keep down. The high humidity is a tall plant phenomena. Try 1/3 Perlite. You will never look back!
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