Growing Cannabis in Grow Tents! - Indoor Medical Marijuana Garden

Growing Cannabis in Grow Tents! - Indoor Medical Marijuana Garden



Published on October 26, 2019

Come take a look at my indoor medical marijuana garden where I am growing cannabis in grow tents. A few problems this week but nothing the plants can't bounce back from. Please click that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video :)


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AnthonyKinner 9 months ago
I gave you a thumbs up and love your videos as always. But damb lol can I get some thumbs up
NomadicNative 9 months ago
After 10 days in solo cups I transplant and top my 9 to 11 inch clones for the first time. On clones I usually have 12 tops entering flower, from seed the plant will have 20 tops.
CasualGamer394 9 months ago
I top after node 4 or 5 and only about twice. Once to release hormones that promote branch growth and maybe once again to get 10+ tops and even canopy.
siayourcannaguy 9 months ago
I just shared a video on how I top my plants.
brucebarchus 9 months ago
Love the videos would like to see more on doing photo. Unlimited height space is small grow town etc. keep it up
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