GoStoner's Week 11 Daily Fantasy Football Draftkings Picks

GoStoner's Week 11 Daily Fantasy Football Draftkings Picks



Published on November 15, 2019

Welcome back football fans! It's that time to get our picks ready for sunday! Sit back, relax and pack it up as we go through the top plays at each position for Week 11! Don't forget to follow on my socials here:
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mr-grow-it 2 months ago
Good vid! I think Sanu is going to be clutch for the Pats for the rest of the season.
amuse252 2 months ago
You got to get Josh Jacobs in bro, he has scored a TD in his last two games and he draws the Bengals this week. I expect him to keep rolling with another TD score this week. You talked about volume but where is Sutton, in his last seven games he has scored at least 10 points. A great flex option this week. I know he didn't have a very good game last week but you also have to consider DJ Chark with Foles coming back to take the starting job this week. Its a risk, since Foles will have some rust to get off but you know how I like to play risky lol Jared Cook go agaisnt Tampa with Brees back, I like this matchup. I also like the Jets defense against the rookie. As always you got some amazing players in your lineup that I agree with just thought I would throw a few out that you might have missed or didn't think of. Good luck this week always bro!
JimboBob 2 months ago
Hell yeah you got my Raiders on Defense!
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