GoStoner’s Censorship Rant


Published on June 12, 2019

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel! Today we are going to talk about something that troubles our community every day and that is censorship. Please join me on this rant and let me know what you think about censorship and how we can get over it and threw it in this community. Thanks don’t

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sofiajaneen 1 month ago
“Strength in numbers” I love that
idyllic710 1 month ago
really enjoyed this video! strength in numbers is definitely something I've noticed especially being a part of the cannabis community so I agree with everything you had to say..much love!
cannasseurq 1 month ago
YES GEORGE CARLIN! Genius reference. Break stoner stereotypes - louder as a community. I love it. Any companies that censor TWT are going to regret it when you're such a force to be reckoned with... TheWeedTube has such potential to rise above as the voice of the people... CANT STOP WONT STOP. Rock on, stay high, group hug away the censorship <3
Vitae 1 month ago
Thank you for being a voice for this community. It is much needed, especially with all the goverment BS that's trying to control our lives. Theweedtube is an outlet for all of us, it has our support all the way
sofiajaneen 1 month ago
Is that a go stoner chair? Because Merch immediately

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