Published on November 21, 2018
In this video, I share the most memorable times I got caught smoking weed growing up... ENJOY! These stories are absurd! Hahaha
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leightyjacob 7 months ago
I LOVEEEE Dutch Masters!!
caroo411 8 months ago
I love you so much!!!
kingindica 6 months ago
Oh shit! Loved this video! Yeah, you’re never gonna forget those moments where you got caught up. I had a good streak of not getting caught smoking from 14-15 then my fried ass FINALLY got caught up about 4 months before turning 17. Got caught smoking in my bathroom. My mom kinda always knew but finally decided to say something that day. In fact, she didn’t even know what weed smelled like until her bf told her when they smelled it from some random person in a parking lot. Lol Fuck him!??? I’ve actually been smoking in my crib for MONTHS with no problem, so I used to never ever get paranoid but the more I started getting caught I would always get super paranoid that I would get caught again. It’s weird cuz once I got caught the first time, I just had what had seemed to be a virtually endless streak with getting caught afterward. I’ll admit that most of it was because I was being too stupid to be cautious about where and how I smoked. Looking back, I’m actually glad I got caught. I’d rather my mom to have found out back then to let the mistrust and anger out of her system than to have her find out now and have to go through the same shitty process. Now she is a bit more educated about weed and is a tiny bit less judgemental about it. I can be open with her about the fact that I’m now a medical patient and that it is prefectly legal in Maryland.
stoneysoph 8 months ago
I was gigging throughout this entire sesh haha! Can't wait for more vids from you on here! Love your YT and been loving it for years! Had a feeling you smoked weed so it's awesome seeing you finally have a safe place to talk about it! Keep doing your thing :)
beautyandtheblunt 6 months ago
I was geekin so hard throughout this entire video man, brings me right back to those days of gettin caught and tryna be slick even tho my friends and I were definitely not as good at hiding it as we thought ??? loved this vid!

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