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Garden Upgrades! | New Gear, New Grow | Mars Hydro Grow | GSCE | TWTGC



Published on July 10, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are adding some upgrades to the garden and we check out how the ladies are doing with some of them! We get a little technical in the second part of this one, hope you enjoy!

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ProudCanadianCannabis 2 months ago
Looks great my friend! Your really going to like drying in a tent, you can completely control your drying environment now! Happy to see everything has come in for you Zoltrix! The Hydrofarm par meter isn't made for reading par from leds it is built for measuring par from hid bulbs! Even when using it for hid lighting it isn't very accurate! As far as using steaks, as long as your careful and stick to putting them in around the outside of the plant you should be ok doing so this late into flower! When I use steaks I normally put them in to my pots as soon as I do a transplant if not using cloth pots! When I use cloth pots I only use one pot, and never transplant! I just start off my plants in the whatever sized cloth pot would be my final pot size I would normally use! Sticking the steaks in with the plant right from seed or clone! Duane.
Wabbit 2 months ago
all of your set ups look great man, each one is set up for greatness, lol excited for you buddy, i'm thinking about getting another tent for drying as well, not to sure yet, but it is a good investment, stay safe my friend and happy growing
Dutch_Grower 2 months ago
Awesome job! Ts600 looks great in the tent an definitely better light! Great room !
BadGranny 2 months ago
Looking Awesome Zoltrix!! I wish my set up was easy like that tent, haahaaa !! hope you and the ohana are all happy and healthy, always sending you and the ohana big love from your big island Canna Ohana!
JayGrows 2 months ago
Heck yeah Zoltrix, no more blurple. Love the full spectrum setup. You got a drying tent too now? Wow, you've got quite the village happening down there now. I've heard that the Hydrofarm quantum par meter is pretty decent for the price. It does read the proper reading for LED's (hence the quantum par meter name). Like the idea of the scale dude, they actually do that in large scale cultivation to know when to water a crop. That twisting technique sure made those stalks hefty, lots of good info. So you're now on a FWWFWW schedule?? I've read with the REMO you can run FFF, what were you running before? Take care dude✌
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