Garden update 10/16/20 New Duckfoot strain (Frisian Duck)

Garden update 10/16/20 New Duckfoot strain (Frisian Duck)



Published on October 17, 2020

I reall appreiciate everyone dropping by! The ladies are doing awesome are healthy and happy. Some transplanting happen this week and a new strain was dropped off by a fellow grower.

The new strain is Duckfoot. After a little bit of research the breeder is Wally Duck in Australia , flower time 60-7

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Wabbit 1 week ago
very nice man, and i see some frost already starting to form, def a good sign my friend. up coming stuff looks great, and that new strain looks like gonna be a solid addition to your genetics, excited for you man, keep up the hard work, stay safe and happy growing
IckyStickies 1 week ago
Sweeeeet update my friend! That Ducksfoot does look different, in a very cool way. Can't wait to see it flower out, nice score mate. Got lots going on! Super awesome. Have a good one bud and catch up soon!
bluhousegrow 1 week ago
everything lookin great I'm curious about that ducks foot happy growing
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