Garden Talk With BeardB!

Garden Talk With BeardB!



Published on November 10, 2019
just talking about stuff and being random as hell.
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NewTestament 1 year ago
like how you came up with the title to that video LOL, everything looking good over there, looks like you are doing a great job staying on top of things keep up that hard work it definitely pays off
SKEastCoast 1 year ago
Your question about the Shawn plant, that's just a root. It's ok. Nice video. Because of my garden location I don't have to add humidity. It's all natural air. And, using high heat wasn't a choice for me. That's just the best my a/c could do during the summer. Now I'm fighting to keep it above 70. I haven't tried using the heat setting on my a/c yet. Waiting for harvest day so I can get in there. Another way to get more light to your shaded areas of your plant is to use LST. I would have topped all of them by now. That's just me though. Keep up the hard work.
NGOOB 1 year ago
ladys look hella good bro
cmntImg 1 year ago
great! thanks for sharing
WitchyD 1 year ago
Good morning. It’s my day off, I’m chillen in the grow room got my coffee and I’m checking out my social accounts. Thanks for the subscription.
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