Published on April 10, 2018
Welcome to my Channel here on The Weed Tube! Starting off the channel with a fat slab dab in front of the new art wall and going over where ive been and whats happening in the near future. I sincerely appreciate every one of you who follow me where ever I go, you are the real ones
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headdies 1 year ago
Glad to see you're over here man!
evil-evelyn 1 year ago
LISTEN. This is a safe space ????????????
grow-tacoma 1 year ago
They just deleted my channel tonight at over 2K subscribers. I feel you man, fuuuuuck YouTube!
2dankbuds 1 year ago
Honestly, fuck weedtube and youtube. This shits just as bad as youtube if not worse. The owners only share revenue with who? There is zero way to sign up for it, and there is tons of commercials. I.e this site is just a niche way to abuse the viewership from youtube into adding content that is generating income for a small amount of con-artists. Probably be hit w/ some serious IRS problems inside of 2 years, and will be likely getting people investigated because they are basically running a very cheap security protocol if any.
kingindica 1 year ago
“Alexa, play Pornhub.” Lmfaoooooo that was funny as hell!???????????? I love theweedtube! Youtube can eat ass! Virtually all my favorite weedtubers have switched over here, except for this one creator who has MAJOR doubts about this. I love and support her youtube channel but she should at least give it a chance instead of acting like she’s just too good for it. If I were her I’d just upload the same vids on both youtube and here. At least her vids would be monetized here and she could increase her fanbase. I have huge faith in theweedtube and I know you’ll definitely blow up even more on this site!