Forming A Creative Collective

Forming A Creative Collective



Published on September 17, 2019

Hey guys! Welcome back to part 2 of 4 of a very special “Arend Loves You” series. In this episode, I show you the formation of a creative collective with some amazing people. I introduce you to everyone and talk about why I’ve brought them together. Then that night we have a nice c

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Infusedwithcannabis 9 months ago
I'm Tim's biggest fan, fight me if you disagree.
blunthanna 9 months ago
joinmysesh1stepatatime 9 months ago
Love the new shirt. So glad you all came together to make such an inspiring video and I like how we got to meet all the creators, that is a nice touch! Ive learned so much and can't wait to try to put that into my own content. I love how you and Sofia helped joya further her career as a creative content creator(mad props)! That inspires me to maybe reach out to other creators to help better ourselves maybe get some new ideas and be able to have a person who gives honest opinions. Also learned a little about what each of you do for us and our community as a whole. Oh and that Sofia can rap! I hope I see that one day! Anyway keep being awesome and thank you so much for everything you do! Also maybe I just don't see it but is there an option to change my name on weed tube? I'm learning it gets a bit confusing for my supporters to find me with a different name.
clitorialybia97 9 months ago
I wish the video was longer. But i love arens's drive and leadership
dopedev420 9 months ago
I always love when everyone is together in one video <3
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