First weedtube video!!!! my experience with pesticide poisoning

First weedtube video!!!! my experience with pesticide poisoning



Published on August 16, 2019
Hi guys, thanks for watching my video! This is definitely something I’ve been wanting to create to help bring awareness to other.

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stonedalone 9 months ago
Damn, thanks for sharing. I'm starting to think I've experienced this before, buying shake from trap deliveries in Koreatown haha. This is crazy that it still happens in states that should have good weed
sofiajaneen 9 months ago
I love this video so much. thank you for sharing your story. U got me crying in the club all emotional. I’m glad you decided to put yourself out there, and here in the community. Welcome to TheWeedTube!
xbruciex 9 months ago
As a bud tender be aware of strains that have very high flavorful terpens that arnt natural to the plant. The taste and or smell is usually to cover up the harsh taste or smell of them not flushing their plants or over use of pesticides.
floryamor420 9 months ago
I like that you are taking the time to talk about negative symptoms that Can come from cannabis. Pesticides is really something we struggle with and honestly, I don’t even trust legal weed fully because I’ve had some shitty legal bowls too. But I also do think it’s a bit hard to go off a self diagnosis from google because symptoms are so similar for so much. Like how period, pregnancy, the flu and other illnesses all have similar symptoms. Like CHS, has these symptoms too and that’s more due to an ovherwelming of THC to endo system.
bkvl 9 months ago
Thank you for sharing!! It’s so important to bring awareness to what can go wrong in this community. I’d also love to see a crazy gravity bong video lol
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